Shaler Area girls prepare for PowderPuff football -

Shaler Area girls prepare for PowderPuff football

Monday, November 25, 2019 | 9:29 PM

by Max Robinson, Shaler Area High School

November. A time to get together and give thanks, go shopping through the dead of night, and, of course, football. Speaking of which, there’s a riveting football game every November at Shaler Area High School. The annual Powderpuff game, a Junior vs. Senior showdown, is like something straight out of a movie.
The senior class is one of the few classes that can say it is a defending champion of the powderpuff game, as the seniors won last year when they were juniors. Many people have speculated that the seniors will absolutely run over the juniors this year.
The senior players seemed confident that they will win, and some outsiders and coaches feel the same way.
“I think Emily Cavacini will run for 200+ yards this year,” football commentator John Erlewein said. “I believe she had 4 touchdowns last year, and I’m certain she’ll have more this year.”
Mr. Williams, the head coach for the seniors, has a level head going into it.
“The team that keeps things simple and executes plays well is going to win,” he said.
The juniors feel they can win, regardless if the odds are against them.
“I think [we] are going to win. Everyone may be doubting us, and we may have small numbers, but we can win,” junior Audrey Fisher said.
The juniors have a roster of only about 20 players this year, which is only half of the total player limit.
Junior coach Mr. Bill Mitchell understands his team may have limitations in terms of number of players, but he thinks that puts the pressure on seniors.
“The most prepared team [will win]…I hope (the seniors) don’t lose to a small group of juniors.”
Despite the trash talk, the players are aware that the game is more more than just a game of bragging rights.
Williams said his team is jam-packed with talent, but that the girls shouldn’t worry so much about the scoreboard.
“It’s a fundraising event…people need to keep that in mind,” he said.
All of the money from the event will be donated to breast cancer research.
“I signed up because it raises money for a cause that I was personally affected by when my mother got breast cancer,” senior Julia Falgione said.
The game is for raising money for breast cancer research, so, in the end, everyone wins. The game at 7 pm on Tuesday, November 26 on Biles Field at the Shaler Area High School.