Library Facilities Update -

Library Facilities Update

Friday, August 2, 2019 | 4:56 PM

For your safety…

Our elevator is now 39 years old but it isn’t a happy birthday….it’s time for a major overhaul! The elevator is currently out of service. If you need accommodations to attend an event on the second floor, please call the Library at 412-486-0211. We will be bidding this project out, getting township approval and working to get it where it needs to be to keep moving those books & folks. At the same time, we’ll be updating our fire panel and our smoke detectors and exploring installing security cameras.

Water, water, everywhere….

We sorely needed new gutters outside of our main double doors in the back of the building. The old ones just couldn’t re-direct the water and it was accumulating and puddling by our door. In addition, the concrete in that area needs an overhaul to be sloped correctly and will need redone.

Here’s Looking at You…

And finally, we received a Keystone Grant which will be put to good use in re-carpeting the Children’s Picture Book Room and replacing our outdated windows.

We appreciate your patience with all of these much-needed projects! Temporary inconvenience for permanent improvement. (And for those who’d like to help, all donations are appreciated!).