Skelley, Iozzo vie for Shaler commissioner in Ward 1 -

Skelley, Iozzo vie for Shaler commissioner in Ward 1

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 | 12:01 AM

Shaler commissioner candidates Frank Iozzo, a Democrat, and Wayne Skelley, a Republican, are battling in the Nov. 5 municipal general election for a Ward 1 seat.

Incumbent Skelley ran as a Democrat in the primary but lost to Iozzo. Skelley has decided to run as a Republican in the upcoming election.

The Tribune-Review asked the candidates the following:

QUESTION: Why did you decide to run for election?

ANSWER: Iozzo: I want to try to make a difference within our community.

Skelley: I think that I’ve done a good job of managing money — which I’m on the finance committee — I look out for how we spend our money and what we do that’s important in the township first for our residents, and I think I’ve done a good job of doing that, as we say, minding the store. I’m looking forward to doing that in my next term, as well as other things — public works, public safety, guaranteeing we’re going to have another good four years of government.

Q: What is the biggest issue that needs to be addressed?

A. Iozzo: I believe public safety and maintenance.

Skelley: I think infrastructure is our most looming thing. We have, as any other community has, the water pipes, the sewage pipes, storm drains, all that. Everything is outdated. I believe it needs to be redone, as we see everywhere nationally, it needs to be redone. The better the system, the better, cleaner environment, a better way of taking care of our township and the community as a whole because the systems are all kind of tied together.

Q: What do voters need to know about you?

A: Iozzo: I am 45 years in the customer service business, and I want to take that and roll it into this position. And, although some people believe that this is a part-time position, I plan on retiring and making this a full-time position. I will be 65 in June. My plan is to retire and make this my full-time position, as opposed to my part-time, which is say, a couple of meetings a month, whatever. I plan to make this a full-time position and really dig into it.

Skelley: My voters who will hopefully re-elect me and all the residents of Shaler and actually the residents of the surrounding communities, I’m here for the betterment of all the communities because we’re all tied together, we’re all connected, we all want our communities to be better for people to come and buy homes and raise families. I think it’s important for people to feel safe, so we have a good police department, we have a great volunteer fire system. There’s a lot of good things going here, and we want to keep going and make it better and better for a better way of life and for a better community for our children to have after we leave. That’s in my heart, that’s what I want to do and that’s why I hope they’ll re-elect me for the work that I have done.

As I have said as I campaign, if you don’t think I have done a good enough job, it’s your job not to vote for me. If you think I have done a good job, then I would hope that you would vote for me to continue that job.