Shaler, Etna real estate sales the week of Feb. 9 -

Shaler, Etna real estate sales the week of Feb. 9

Sunday, February 9, 2020 | 12:01 AM


Estate of Anna Catherine Polk sold property at 11 Robertson Pl to Jenna Rochele Scherrah for $105,000.

Ronald Benesh sold property at 157 Wood St. to PGH Property Buyer LLC for $46,000.


Edmond Reckhouse sold property at 403 Aleta St. to Erin Sickenberger for $145,000.

Gary Ireland sold property at 2409 E Springwood Drive to Daniel and Celia Emmons for $319,000.

Anita Merlino sold property at 177 Elmwood Drive to Steven and Laura Swick for $216,500.

Brian Sullivan sold property at 20 Heights Drive to Raymond and Andrea Dietz for $220,000.

Jamie Easley sold property at 2812 Jo Alyce Drive to James and Kelly Wilson for $232,000.

Maria Bardakos sold property at 924 Limestone Drive to Daniel and Jenna Bosi for $205,750.

Linda Burke sold property at 108 Littlewood St. to Greater Pittsburgh Properties LLC for $67,670.

Dolores Farbacher sold property at 8 Reese Ave. to Nathan and Christine Geller for $23,500.

Blaine Walker sold property at 3405 Rose Drive to Gregory and Kathryn Hester for $186,000.

Keith Boyd sold property at 208 Sandy Drive to Todd Azzarello and Jessyka Renae Hall for $155,000.

Cieply Assoc. LLC sold property at 198 Seavey Road to John Antonucci Jr. for $152,500.

Timothy Phillips sold property at 209 W Sutter Road to Brandon and Sherrie Cohn for $119,000.

Christopher Robert Rugh sold property at 203 Woodland Ave. to Tyler Craig and Margaret Oczypok for $207,000.

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