Shaler Area students accepted into Allegheny Valley Honors ensembles -

Shaler Area students accepted into Allegheny Valley Honors ensembles

Wednesday, December 11, 2019 | 12:01 AM

Shaler Area announces 31 students were accepted into Allegheny Valley Honors ensembles.

More than 500 musicians from nine school districts in the Allegheny Valley auditioned for the Allegheny Valley Honors Band. The musicians will spend two full days rehearsing with guest conductors during the Allegheny Valley Honors Band Festival, Jan. 9-10, and showcase their talents at the concert performance at 7 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 10, at Shaler Area High School.

The guest conductor for the Senior High Honors Band will be Dr. Stephen Gage (Youngstown State University) and the guest conductor for the Junior High Band will be composer/conductor/music educator Chad Heiny.

AV Senior High Honors Band (Grades 10-12)

Jenna Facer (11th grade) – Flute

Rebecca Schiavone (10th grade) – Flute

Teyah Wilson (10th grade) – Flute

Allison McAninch (12th grade) – Flute

Elisa Gabriel (12th grade) – Flute

Anna Rosso (12th grade) – Oboe

Michael LaBella (12th grade) – Bassoon

Alexis Gregory (10th grade) – Clarinet

Emma Wunderlin (10th grade) – Clarinet

Erika Kenst (10th grade) – Clarinet

Jillian Sullivan (11th grade) – Clarinet

Gabriella Greco (11th grade) – Clarinet

Abby Latzko (12th grade) – Bass Clarinet

Allison Lienemann (10th grade) – Bass Clarinet

Zach Spondike (11th grade) – Tenor Sax

Erika Waldron (11th grade) – Trumpet

Alyssa Hillwig (10th grade) – Trumpet

Adam Braughler (11th grade) – French Horn

Madeline Turner (10th grade) – Euphonium

Noah Heere (12th grade) – Tuba

Brianna Hune (11th grade) – String Bass

Tyler Egan (11th grade) – Mallets

AV Junior High Honors Band (Grades 7-9)

Grace Cosentino (9th grade) – Clarinet

Kara Yarnot (8th grade) – Clarinet

Victoria Scariot (8th grade) – Bass Clarinet

Laura Heere (9th grade) – Bass Clarinet

Samantha Walker (9th grade) – Tenor Sax

Daniel Presto (8th grade) – French Horn

Michael Ulery (8th grade) – French Horn

Jordan Fowler (7th grade) – Tuba

Rachel Scierka (9th grade) – Percussion