Real estate transactions in Shaler, Etna the week of Jan. 18 -

Real estate transactions in Shaler, Etna the week of Jan. 18

Saturday, January 18, 2020 | 12:01 AM


CBRD Holdings LLC sold property at 113 Morelock St. to Jeremy Kucharski for $20,000.

Genevieve Sheridan sold property at 96 Parker St. to NASHA L.P. for $175,000.

Janet McFarland Scholl sold property at 61 Sycamore St. to John and Susanne Katich for $66,000.

Marc Senge sold property at 46 Vilsack St. to James McDonald and Sarah Flowers for $138,500.


Regis Kessler sold property at 7 Butterfield St. to Michael Besnecker and Breigh Ann Boyce for $166,000.

Theodore Orlowski sold property at 2278 California Ave. to James Shields and Colleen Ruefle for $95,000.

Joel Zufall sold property at 103 Carl St. to Lisa Mary Hrynda for $170,000.

Frederick Heintz Jr. sold property at 200 Delaware Drive to Derek and Brittany Drzemiecki for $167,500.

Randall Thomas sold property at 50 Elizabeth St. to Michael Juliano for $210,500.

Estate of Harry Hendrickson sold property at 505 Glenn Ave. to Nathaniel Hazelton for $245,000.

Toby Barrick sold property at 446 Little Pine Creek Road to Andrew Toth and Clarissa Sullivan for $209,900.

Michael Heinl sold property at 488 Seavey Road to Kevin Michael Groth for $360,000.

James Madden Jr. sold property at 135 Shirehill Drive to James Madden IV for $224,000.

Estate of Llinda Greno sold property at 45 Sollinger Ln to Louis Magnotta for $190,000.

Sandra Mulley sold property at 112 Wetzel Road to Robert and Karen Lee Fix for $125,000.

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