National company acquires Shaler Self Storage -

National company acquires Shaler Self Storage

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Monday, December 23, 2019 | 12:01 AM

The Shaler Board of Commissioners approved a Compass Self Storage development at the former Shaler Self Storage location at 422 Elfinwild Road.

“The facility existing is approximately 25,000 square-foot of single-story self-storage, all drive-up units. And the planned expansion is 28,500-square-feet; and it’s (in) three buildings. One is a climate-controlled building of 18,500-square-feet and then two smaller 5,000-square-feet drive-up buildings that are located behind,” Kyle Davis, Compass Self Storage pre-construction manager, told the board at its Dec. 10 meeting.

The building previously had not offered climate-controlled units.

Shaler Manager Tim Rogers asked what tenants store in those type of units.

Davis said tenants store a variety of “high-priority items that people want to keep safe and clean and at the correct temperature.” For instance, people store items in those units when downsizing or moving, he said.

Rogers questioned if the company would remain aware of what customers store inside its units.

“We do not. The way that the units — we obviously have things that are prohibited by law and building codes that cannot go in the units,” Davis replied.

“And again, as following building code requirements, nobody is storing gas tanks or any chemicals of any sort that they would not be permitted to store inside the unit.”

“Do you check on them periodically to make sure that they are not storing material that’s not permitted?” Commissioner James Boyle asked.

Davis said company employees are not permitted to open a unit unless they have “probable cause” or a tenant’s permission. If employees must provide emergency maintenance to the unit, they will contact the tenant prior to cutting a lock on the unit’s door. Opening the lock without permission “is to be avoided at all costs,” he said.

Staff do not personally oversee tenants as they load and unload storage items.

Onsite security cameras will maintain recordings for 30 days.

As far as other property upgrades, Compass Self Storage will install LED lighting to the building and remove the surrounding pole lighting, as well as supplement the existing landscaping.

Compass Self Storage is a member of the Cleveland-based Amsdell family of real estate and self-storage companies.