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‘Millvale’s Got Talent’ organized by 2019 Citizen of the Year

Thursday, January 2, 2020 | 12:01 AM

Children ages 5 through 17 will entertain community members at the inaugural “Millvale’s Got Talent” show featuring performance and visual art.

The talent show is slated to occur from 5 to 7 p.m. Jan. 19 at the Millvale Community Center, 416 Lincoln Ave.

Acts may include dance, music, comedy and other forms of expression. Youth may display their paintings, drawings and sculpture in a gallery.

The winner will take home $50.

The following people will judge the contest while impersonating the “America’s Got Talent” hosts: Nora Peters, Roman Benty and Rachel Norris, of Millvale Community Library; and Officer Jen Harpur, of the Millvale Police Department.

DJ BUDZ will host the event.

Jenny Jo Mendak volunteers to organize monthly dances and other events for the borough’s children at the community center. She decided to plan the show after noticing that a student, who is a passionate musician, didn’t dance at her dances.

“I found out that a lot of the kids like to write poetry and short stories and they all play instruments. There are a lot of flute players in Millvale, actually, which I was really shocked by. And I had no idea, really, how many of them played instruments until I started to ask about a talent show around the kids,” she said.

A few kids mentioned that they experienced stage fright and couldn’t perform in front of a group.

“So, I said, well how about we have an art gallery for you? So, you can still do something creative … and we can still have like a little competition for that,” said Mendak, who was named the mayor’s 2019 citizen of the year for her dedication to the borough’s youth.

She hopes that community members of all ages will come support the talent show participants.

At the show’s start, she intends to speak with the audience about the importance of showing the children respect because it takes courage to perform in front of a group.

Additionally, she is going to stand in the back during the performances, holding up signs with humorous or motivational phrases, like, “you’re doing a great job,” and “focus on me.”

Ten children already have agreed to participate, Mendak, said. The registration deadline is Jan. 12. Participants need not reside in Millvale.

Jacob Taylor, 16, said the talent show is “right up (his) alley.” He plays guitar, piano and keyboard and cites Angus Young and Slash as influences.

“I’m thinking about doing a comedy thing with my friend if he’s up for that, but I know I’m definitely going to do something music involved,” Taylor said of his act. “I just don’t know which one I want to show off because everyone knows I play guitar so it’s not going to be anything new. So, I might do a vocal cover of a song.”

Makayla Mehler, 13, is going to read her Millvale poem during the show.

“I write all kinds of poems. I write about my life. I write about random things. I write about break ups. I just write about what’s on my mind,” she said.

Mehler and Taylor said that they appreciate Mendak’s volunteer efforts.

“She puts in a lot of effort for us. She doesn’t really fail at what she does. She quit a lot of stuff for us and she started doing the classes to make sure that we could have a good childhood and she’s like trying to bring some brightness to our community for us,” Mehler said.

Volunteers will sell refreshments. At the door attendees may make donations to fund future events.