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Fall Run Park renovations, flood control discussed by Shaler officials

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 | 12:01 AM

Shaler Township engineer Matt Sebastian said that heavy summer rains “displaced or otherwise damaged” some of Fall Run Park’s in-stream structures. As a result, he recently walked through the park with Shanin Asbury of Gateway Engineers to discuss stream maintenance and the items that the township can accomplish using its in-house employees rather than hiring contractors.

Fall Run Park reopened in February 2018 following $1 million in renovations spent on pedestrian bridges, trail improvements, stream restoration and erosion control.

At the Nov. 12 Shaler commissioners’ meeting, board vice president Bill Cross said that Gateway Engineers had given a presentation about the park’s 12 bridges withstanding a 100-year flood or having a 1% probability of flooding.

“Certainly, we got a lot of rain, but it wasn’t a 100-year rain event. Is there a problem with the design they did?”

Sebastian replied that the issues are not with the bridges.

“The issues are mainly in the rock structures. A few of the large rocks got displaced. I don’t think it’s a design issue. There was a lot of discussion in the design and implementation of that project about sort of combination of art and science in how those structures were installed. … You can model a stream, but sometimes when the rain comes and water comes in a certain way, nature wins. This is a way of revisiting those things.”

“I know it’s early, but as I read it, I worry about money. Do you have any idea what kind of money we are looking at to do this kind of repair?” Commissioner Susan Fisher asked.

Sebastian said that he is unsure of costs at this point.