Blessed Trinity Academy hires new principal -

Blessed Trinity Academy hires new principal

Sunday, September 1, 2019 | 12:01 AM

Blessed Trinity Academy (BTA) students met new principal Moira Regan Edmiston on their first day of school, Aug. 26.

She spent four years as Baltimore-based Folio Collaborative’s professional development director. Folio provides technology that teachers at 150 schools use for classroom observation, goal setting and evaluation.

Regan Edmiston, 46, of Ben Avon, learned about BTA through her nephews — one graduated from the school last year and another still attends the Kindergarten- through eighth-grade Glenshaw school.

“When this position became open, I just jumped on it from what I knew about the school and my desire to be back in a school community,” she said. “It was wonderful to be back in Catholic education, which you know, I went to Catholic school growing up and just to take on this leadership role.”

“As a parent I am very excited to have Mrs. Edmiston join our BTA community. I believe her background will provide new and different perspectives that will further enhance and strengthen BTA,” Sara Britt, BTA School Advisory Council president said.

Regan Edmiston launched her career as a first-grade aide and field hockey and lacrosse coach at her alma mater, Winchester Thurston School’s City Campus in Shadyside.

A year later, she moved to San Francisco to teach at the now-defunct Lisa Kampner Hebrew Academy.Thereafter, she taught at the El Granada, Calif.-based Wilkinson School, spending most of her time leading a combined fifth- through eighth-grade classroom of approximately 15 to 18 students.

During her Wilkinson stint, Regan Edmiston took a yearlong break to work in internal training at a consulting firm. She returned to Wilkinson and applied the skills she had gained during her time away.

In 2005, she moved to Washington, D.C. to work at the Lowell School, where she designed the new middle school’s curriculum.

“We built on the strong foundation of our preprimary and our primary division, but it really allowed us in a moment in time to design a middle-school program that was appropriate or kind of what was best for middle schoolers at that time,” she said of her time as school director. “So, we didn’t have to do projects that were done just because they were done for the last 15 years. We were taking a step back and saying, “Well what is best for our kids right now?’’’

Regan Edmiston returned to Southwestern Pennsylvania to live near her family. She currently resides in Ben Avon with her husband, Ed Edmiston.

“I’m looking forward to building on the tradition of excellence that this school (BTA) is known for and to keeping Catholic education alive and sharing all of the wonderful things that are happening here and hopefully encourage others to come here.”

She earned a bachelor’s in political science and education from Boston College and a master’s in educational administration from San Francisco State.

Jane Ann Regan, North Hills Regional Catholic Elementary School board member, noted the importance of maintaining St. Mary’s, St. Ursula’s and St. Bonaventure school’s history, as the three merged to form BTA, due to the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh’s regionalization plan.

“Our BTA principal is key to creating and growing that new community that takes and combines all the energy and support of all three schools to form a stronger union. Strong communication skills with a focus on inclusion and transparency are essential, delivering and fostering a strong commitment to academic excellence that is reinforced by Catholic beliefs,” she said.