Another alligator found on the lam, this time in Shaler -

Another alligator found on the lam, this time in Shaler

Friday, July 19, 2019 | 9:02 AM

Well, that “Gatorsburgh” thing is going to keep going.

Another alligator, the fourth this year, has been found in the “City of Chompions,” this time in Shaler.

The latest was found Friday morning in the parking lot of the Giant Eagle grocery store on Butler Plank Road in Shaler, township police Lt. Dave Banko said.

This one is about 2 feet long. Banko said an employee found it around 4 a.m. outside the pharmacy entrance near a garbage can.

“It looks like a little baby alligator,” Banko said. “Someone dropped it off or lost it.”

On their Facebook page, Shaler police said, “If this is your alligator, please send us a message.”

This 2 foot alligator was found outside the Shaler Giant Eagle overnight. It was turned over to animal control this morning. If this is your alligator, please send us a message.

Posted by Shaler Township Police Department on Friday, July 19, 2019

Big Daddy Wildlife Removal took the reptile from police custody, Banko said.

Paul McIntyre of Big Daddy Wildlife Rescue said this is the first of the four alligators found in the Pittsburgh area he’s been involved with, but not his first in his nearly 40 years in the business.

He couldn’t tell the gator’s gender but said it is healthy — and docile.

“It was somebody’s pet, I can guarantee you,” McIntyre said. “He’s so friendly. Somebody had him as a pet, couldn’t take care of him and let him go.”

While he’s not aware of any crime having been committed, McIntyre said he doubts anyone will claim the alligator.

Although it’s legal to buy and own alligators, “They’re scared to get in trouble,” he said.

McIntyre said he hopes to find a home for it.

Three gators have been caught in the Pittsburgh area this year.

Before this, the most recent, about 2½ feet long, had been a found June 8 on a porch in the 300 block of East Agnew Avenue in Carrick.

A 5-foot-long alligator was found in front of a garage on Sebring Avenue in Beechview on June 6.

On May 18, a 3-foot-long alligator was captured while sunning itself near the Southside Riverfront Park.